The Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (GARM) Clinic

Located in the prestigious Resort Parrot Tree Plantation, Roatan Honduras, GARM is venturing into a new frontier as a complement to conventional medicine. Numerous highly regarded and reputable physicians, surgeons, and corporations from various countries have aligned. From the synergy of these participants, GARM has been born. Along with Hospital Cemesa, GARM has realized synergistic relationships with other business affiliates including WebOps, LLC, Crosslink Biosciences, LLC, Regent Surgical Health, LLC, and Xytex Cryo International, LLC.

All of GARM‘s treatment options are designed to maintain and/or enhance a patient’s quality of life.

GARM offers adult autologous stem/stromal cell and biocellular medicine treatment protocols as elective options for the safe and effective treatment and/or management of select chronic disease states and/or acute injuries.

GARM also offers various advanced targeted enzyme signaling systems for the treatment of certain types of cancer and certain viruses, select neurological conditions, and select autoimmune conditions. The TESS  treatments are safe and effective options for the treatment of devastating diseases such as HIV, shingles, cancer, some autoimmune and neurological disorders. Treatments are designed to preserve and/or improve a patient’s quality of life and support accelerated recovery from an illness or injury.

Offering: General Medical Care, Basic diagnostic test, ultrasounds, alternative treatment for Dengue, and much more.

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