The Bay Islands of Honduras (or its Spanish translation Islas de la Bahia) is made up of three (3) principal islands: Roatan being the largest of the three, followed by Guanaja and then Utila. Also part of this archipelago are the smaller islands of Barbareta, Morat and Santa Helena, as well as Cachos Cochinos which is group of small cays off the coast of Honduras.

The island of Roatan is divided in two municipalities: Roatan to the West side and Santos Guardiola to the East end of the island. The Town Hall for Roatan is located in Coxen Hole and for Santos Guardiola it’s located in Oak Ridge. This Caribbean jewel is filled with many interesting locations, each with its unique charms and adventures.

Some popular areas are: West Bay, West End, Light House Estates, Sandy Bay, Pristine Bay, Parrot Tree Plantation, Camp Bay and Port Royal.

Roatan [Map]