We received below article that contains very useful tips for our sellers to increase the buyers’ interest when selling your home.

Top Ways To Make an Impression On Buyers

Trying to sell your home? Follow these great suggestions that will surely catch the attention of potential buyers!


Chances are potential buyers have already viewed pictures of your home before visiting. This is the very first impression of your house, next to your front yard. This is the deciding factor for almost every potential buyer. Of course your home has the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and even a bonus game room for the kiddos, but what do these pictures tell a viewer about your house? Are the pictures bright and inviting? Do the angles of the pictures truly show how spacious the kitchen is? Do these pictures do your house justice? These are all questions a seller should ask themselves.

Curb Appeal

The second impression, or possibly the first, is the front of your house. As the buyer walks towards the house they will be asking themselves, “Could I live here?” Approach your house in the mindset of a buyer. Cracked and stained fence? Ugly, paint-chipped, or outdated front door? Untrimmed bushes covering the windows, and weeds taking over the garden? Just as the interior of your house needs to be decluttered and depersonalized, so should the exterior. (Check out our post on improving curb appeal here)

Break up With Your House

Breaking up is hard but is necessary if you want to move on. When viewing your house, potential buyers will be picturing themselves coming home to your house everyday. They are looking for a house they can transform into their home,  but personalized items like family photos and Timmy’s artwork on the fridge may act as a barrier to to their imagination. Allow the home to have few very personal knick-knacks around when trying to sell.

Fix the Fixable

As potential buyers walk through your house, they will pick at every flaw, chipping away your asking price. Not everything has to be brand new however, simply giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint, or having the carpets professionally cleaned will do the trick. Walk through your house and make a list of potential fixer uppers that will make the house more appealing.

Understand Potential Buyer’s Feelings

Reduce the risk of making the “maybe” list. Houses on this list have almost everything a potential buyer wants, but may be lacking that wow  factor. Strive to have the house that gives potential buyers that warm, fuzzy, panicky sensation as if they have just made the biggest mistake of their lives walking out the door without making an offer. It can be tricky to achieve this “homey” sense in your house, but it is possible with a little bit of homework. The best way to understand this feeling is to visit competing houses, or even houses you visit during your house hunt. Pay attention to what makes this house “the one”. Maybe it’s the cheery kitchen with the sunlight shining through the clean windows onto a bright bouquet of flowers and you can just see yourself making breakfast for the little ones in the morning while they finish their homework in the kitchen nook.

First impressions count, make sure it’s a good one! Whether it’s visiting open houses for ideas or getting a detached perspective from a friend or family member, doing your research will help your house make that great first impression and have offers knocking on your door in no time!