Thinking of selling your home? The photos you include in the listing description can pique a buyers interest or prompt them to keep scrolling. Article


Clear the clutter. Highlight the design elements of your home by removing items that are unnecessary. This is a good opportunity to pack up personal items and collections and to get rid of items that you no longer use.
Group your furniture to make the room seem larger. Although it may be temping to move the furniture against the wall, this may make the room appear small and uninviting. Moving the furniture together gives the impression of warmth and comfort.
Make your lightning work for you. Potential buyers want to see your home, so make sure it’s well lit. Use a combination of overhead lighting, floor and table lamps and wall lighting to create ambiance.
Paint. A fresh coat of neutral-colored paint can brighten a room and encourages potential buyers to picture themselves living there.
Clean or purchase new curtains. After a while, curtains and blinds become dirty and can make a room appear darker. Brighten up your rooms by cleaning your existing curtains or blinds, or purchase inexpensive replacements.
Update with a few small touches. Colorful throw pillows can help tie a room together, as can inexpensive decorative vases. Look around your home to find items that will add a stylish touch, or purchase a few inexpensive pieces.